Backpain, slightly sore breasts, headaches, and cramping week before? Pregnant?

Asked: Backpain, slightly sore breasts, headaches, and cramping week before? Pregnant?

My period is expected to come in a few days. Last week I had some cramping on my right side of my uterus for like 2 days. And been having headaches off and on since now. Two days ago my boobs were sore and today they are slightly sore. Yesterday and today I have lower back pain and slight cramping. My coworker joked with me because he said "do you have worm inside of you" lol because I was eating constantly two days ago…does this sound like pregnancy or PMS?


Bessy Answered:
Could be either to be honest, my boobs are sore two weeks before I have my period, I also have back pain, and eat a lot, yet my sister in law has straight forward periods and then she had sore boobs etc and found out she's two months pregnant, so depends on person I think,

MSmith Answered:
It sounds like PMS to me…like a week before my period is due my breasts get very tender…not every menstrual cycle though. Just kind of sporadic. Also with the uterus cramping, that sounds like its just getting ready for your monthly cycle…wait a few days and see if your period comes…if not you should take a pregnancy test:)))

Lynn Answered:
Have you ever had any of these symptoms mentioned here before your period? If you have had experienced them before your period is due in the past then it could be PMS.

On the other hand, these symptoms are also signs of pregnancy such as the sore breasts and cramping you felt. I would suggest you wait till your next period if it comes or doesn't. If you miss it then you should take a pregnancy test to find out.

Additionally you can get more info on symptoms of pregnancy at

Hope this helps!

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