Back Exercise to build a V TAPER "Bulletproof" Back! This link to the left is a phenominal book on losing stomach fat (the worst kind of fat, and the hardest to lose) in a quick amount of time by simply eating a few new things. This information will blow your mind! Get More Back Exercises Here: Back exercise workouts are hit and miss in my opinion. Far too many of them fail to train your back with exercises that actually integrate the muscles that NEED to be trained together if you are to get the most results from your efforts. To get that classic "V Taper" in your back you need to focus on exercises that build not only width but also the muscularity of all the muscles within the middle part of the back itself. It actually has the effect of broadening your muscles so you can get a wider back that demands attention. That said, in part four of my bulletproof series, celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere shows you how to broaden your back and get that V Taper shape by integrating your upper back muscles, mid back muscles and lower back muscles with just one exercise! Stop low back pain forever by getting the other muscles of the back to do their job and protect it. For more exercises just like this one and to get not only a V taper back but bigger biceps and shoulders as well, head to http and get the AthLEAN-X Training System. In just 90 days you'll be back on track to your best body ever!

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